Welcome to the Red Rose Repeater Association website. We are a Ham Radio Club including licensed amateurs, non-licensed contributors, spouses and friends, all located in scenic Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

- Enjoy our Repeaters!
P.O. Box 8316
Lancaster, PA 17604-8316

Click here for a map view of the breakfast site. 2m band: 147.015MHz (+), PL 118.8Hz  70cm band: 449.575MHz (-) PL 114.8Hz Click here for a map view of the meeting site.




This is a weather related drill covering the 7 county area within the South Central Task Force. This drill is being organized by the SCTF's (Pennsylvania South Central Task Force) Amateur Radio Working Group. The date is Saturday, 17-Sep, and the anticipated time is 9:00am - 12:00pm.

We are looking for radio operators willing to serve as virtual EOC's for this activity and also operators to sign into local nets with weather related traffic. We are also looking for someone to assist with operations at the county EOC.

The plan is to have several virtual or physical EOC's set up throughout the county who will receive traffic from local operators and relay traffic to the county EOC where it will be passed along to PEMA. The county EOC will be passing traffic using FLDIGI and FLMSG. It would be good for virtual EOC's to have this capability. Other stations may check in and report via voice.

So far Homestead Village, along Marietta Pike just west of Lancaster, and Mt. Joy have agreed to have net control stations on the air. I would like to see some participation from the southern part of the county.

County ARES/RACES Meeting

This is Thursday, 1-Oct from 7:00 - 9:00pm, for a county wide ARES/RACES meeting at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center. This will be an opportunity to hear what is going on in Lancaster County and the surrounding area.

If you are able to take part in either of these activities (the drill or the meeting) please contact one of the following:

  • Phil Theis, Lancaster County Radio Officer for RACES => K3TUF
  • Harry Bauder, Lancaster County EC for ARES => WA3FFK
  • Dave Olson, Lancaster County Asst. EC => W3EO

Fox Hunt!

The Red Rose Repeater Association and SPARC (Southern Pennsylvania Amateur Radio Club) got together recently and are planning a Fox Hunt. As of this writing, the date has not specifically been set, but is targeted for November 2015. There will be four events related to this Fox Hunt:

  1. Antenna Design Shop - Radio direction finding antenna designs will be presented, including a hands-on assembly workshop for the sake of creating one or more of the designs
  2. Antenna Design Shop, conclusion
  3. On-Foot Fox Hunt - This is a rudimentary fox hunt conducted in a tight space in order to test the antennas in a group forum
  4. Actual Fox Hunt - This is the actual Fox Hunt, conducted in a pre-defined space

As of this writing, no dates have been set. In the meantime, you can review these resources:

State Line Radio Club and Red Rose Repeater Association Annual Picnic

On 12-Sep at the Muddy Run Park in Southern Lancaster County, the State Line Radio Club and Red Rose Repeater Association will be joining to have a picnic. A pavilion is reserved, radios will be brought and set up, plus food and games. It is a chance for the two clubs to meet and greet and share their past year's events and stories.
Because this is a special event, they will have designated event frequencies on HF for SSB operations:

  • 40m - 7.240MHz
  • 20m - 14.240MHz
  • 15m - 21.280MHz

Keystone Trails Association Super Hike

On 12-Sep-15, the Keystone Trails Association will sponsor the seventh annual Susquehanna Super Hike & Ultra Trail Run, a trail challenge event for adventurous trail runners and hikers on the wild river hills of the lower Susquehanna Gorge. Red Rose Repeater Association (W3RRR) will be supporting the Super Hike, providing communications throughout the course. That being said, volunteers are needed. If you are interested in helping this event, click here to register.

VE Testing

The dates below are offered for those who desire to be tested for obtaining or upgrading their Amateur Operator's license. Testing is offered at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center, starting at 7:00pm on the following dates:

  • 20-Aug-15
  • 15-Oct-15
  • 17-Dec-15

W3RRR Hamfest

We hold an annual HAMFEST each first Saturday in October (3-Oct this year) at the Brownstown Community Park in Talmadge, PA (outskirts of Brownstown, PA). The talk-in is on 147.015(+)MHz, PL 118.8Hz. The Hamfest opens to vendors at 6:00am for them to set up and is open to the public at 7:00am. Cost:

  • Public $5.00
  • Tailgaters $7.00
  • Indoor Table Sales $10.00 (buy two get two free)
  • Children under 12 are free

Please check back here for more details closer to the date!

BARC Hamfest

Berks Amateur Radio Club is having their second annual hamfest in Leesport. Here is the flier for that event, coming up 20-Sep. Don't miss it!

President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Trustee 1st yr Board Members 2nd yr Board Members
Ken Wiggins N2DYK John Lesmeister W3LPA Karen Lesmeister K3LPA Paul Hilton N3BCZ Mark Vreeland KB3NCJ Harry DeVerter N3KYR
Dan Boone KB3ZMB
Allen Showalter AB3NE
Dave Phillips W3CWE
The W3RRR Association operates the following assets in service to our immediate community:
  • Transmitters - Our VHF and UHF transmitters are located atop the Lancaster General Hospital in the City of Lancaster
  • Receivers - Our VHF receivers are located at Welsh Mountain (east), New Danville and near Safe Harbor (west), providing impressive coverage of the entire county plus into neighboring counties
  • Echo Link - For those traveling outside the immediate area of Lancaster County, our Echolink server keeps them in touch.

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