Welcome to the Red Rose Repeater Association website. We are an active Amateur Radio Club including licensed amateurs, non-licensed contributors, spouses and friends, all located in scenic Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

- Enjoy our Repeaters!
P.O. Box 8316
Lancaster, PA 17604-8316

Click here for a map view of the breakfast site.
Join us for breakfast on the third Saturday of every month, at 9:00am at the Park City Diner (884 Plaza Boulevard). Everyone is welcome! Make your reservations during our 2m net!
2m band: 147.015MHz (+), PL 118.8Hz  70cm band: 449.575MHz (-) PL 114.8Hz Click here for a map view of the meeting site.

Club Board Elections NOTICE


The election for the 2018 board members have been postponed until the April 2018 meeting. If you desire an absentee ballot, please submit your request to the club secretary in writing by sending an e-mail (CLICK HERE). Only full members will receive an absentee ballot, which will be transmitted via e-mail as a printable document. If you intend to vote via absentee ballot, please print the document, vote and remit the ballot according to the following instructions: Absentee ballots shall be sealed in a plain, unmarked, envelope, which in turn shall be inserted into a second envelope, which shall be sealed, signed and dated by the member casting the ballot. This envelope may be used as a mailing envelope and shall be marked as containing a ballot.

10m Nets

The club conducts weekly HF nets on the 10m band. These are nets to expand the skillset in HF SSB area for all amateurs, including Technician Class licensees. The 10m nets are Tuesdays at 2000EDT at 28.400MHz. Every week is a different net controller (see the calendar above and click on the week of interest to see who is net control). The band has been opening up lately, so get involved! Hone your HF skills! NOTE: If there is existing traffic less than five minutes prior to the net start, the net will move to 28.410MHz.


The Lancaster County ARES conduct regular net meetings, two per month--> voice only and voice/digital:

  • Voice Only - First Tuesday of every month at [2030EST/EDT] and will be on the N3FYI (145.31MHz) repeater. Times may change according to participation, as there is another net meeting (SPARC) at [2100EST/EDT].
  • Voice/Digital - Third Tuesday of every month also at [2030EST/EDT] and will be on the N3FYI (145.31MHz) repeater. Times may change according to participation, as there is another net meeting (SPARC) at [2100EST/EDT]. Check back here for details (including digital mode) as the time approaches.

Public Service Event, Lancaster MS Walk

On 29-Apr-18, the Lancaster chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society is sponsoring a charity walk. Please note new location for this event! Parking is available in the park or additional parking is available at the mall. The start/Finish Location is

Long's Park
1441 Harrisburg Pike
Lancaster, PA 17601

Time: site opens at 10:00am, the walk begins at 11:00am
Join us to support the walkers in the park

Sharing our Success Fundraiser

The club participates in a quarterly fundraiser in conjunction with two local diners. Both the Knight and Day Diner and the Park City Diner participate in a 'giving back' program with Red Rose Repeater Association. Download and print this document (click here) and use the coupon (you can cut it out) every time you eat at either diner. 10% of the meal purchase will then be donated to Red Rose Repeater Association to provide for needed equipment and expenses. The coupon is reusable and allows the success of both diners and Red Rose to continue.


There has been a scheduling miscue recently discovered with respect to testing for amateur radio licensing (VE Testing). As of this moment, there is no scheduled VE testing at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center. Please check back in the future as this gets resolved.

Amateur Radio Technician Class Offered

There is a Technician Class Amateur Radio classes offered in the local area coming up:

  • 7..8-Apr-18 Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center (101 Champ Boulevard, Manheim, PA 17545)
  • Pre-registration is not necessary but helps planning. Payment of testing fee is at the time of testing. We work with several teams and the cost varies, $15 is the highest. Please give a phone number where you can be reached if needed.
  • Upon passing the test (8-Apr-18) an FCC license is usually issued within a week.
  • A very special THANK YOU to Lancaster County for the use of their facility.
If interested in either of these classes contact Ralph Brandt or call him at 7l7-885-3O63.

Band Charts Updated!

The ARRL has revised and updated the band allocation charts and they are now available for download. You can download the PDF documents, available in color or grayscale presentations, for printing. The revised allocations charts reflect the new 630m and 2,200m bands. These charts will be available for purchase in 11x17 and 8.5x11 formats (in packs of 50) from the ARRL Store. Also, both include the ARRL Worked All States (WAS) map on the reverse. Before using either band, stations must notify the Utilities Technology Council (UTC) they plan to do so. If the UTC does not respond within 30 days, they may commence operation.

President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Trustee 1st yr Board Members 2nd yr Board Members
Allen Showalter AB3NE Leon Hess AA3LH Karen Lesmeister K3LPA Jean Hess KC3HQZ Mark Vreeland KB3NCJ Dan Boone KB3ZMB
Jason Benedick N1CYB
Harry DeVerter N3KYR
John Lesmeister W3LPA

The W3RRR Association operates the following assets in service to our immediate community:
  • Transmitters - Our VHF and UHF transmitters are located atop the Lancaster General Hospital in the City of Lancaster
  • Receivers - Our VHF receivers are located at Welsh Mountain (east), Lancaster Regional Hospital and near Safe Harbor (west), providing a large footprint for the county, plus into neighboring counties
  • Echo Link - For those traveling outside the immediate area of Lancaster County, our Echolink server keeps them in touch.
Red Rose Repeater Association also maintains a page on facebook. It is offered for active participation (moderated) pertinent to club members and family for the support of this club.


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